Polar vortex 1, Tesla Model S 0? Possibly. Norway is certainly a long way from the sunny California climes where the luxury electric vehicle is made and, while the cars are popular in that country, the country's cold weather is creating problems for car owners, the Norwegian website News in English reports.

As winter has set in, a number of Model S owners are reporting charging problems. One driver was stranded with a dead battery on Christmas Eve, while others have said Tesla's recharging cables are having a hard time holding a charge when the temperature gets substantially below freezing levels. Tesla has acknowledged that Norway has a different kind of electric grid than the US (and not just because it's 99 percent hydro-powered) that could be causing the problem. The company has reportedly sent Norwegian owners country-specific updates for the on-board recharging software.

Once charged, the Model S works just fine in Norway. In this December video, posted by Norwegian Model S owner Bjorn Nyland, a Model S manages to drive for about 233 miles on a single charge in temperatures that reached only about 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and even then the car had about another 25 miles worth of juice left. Tesla has been well-received in Norway in part because of extensive government incentives as well as perks such as bus-lane access and free parking.

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