GoPro cameras are quite popular in a number of arenas, thanks to their general ease of use. Get the right mount, figure out where you want the camera, position it, hit a button and do whatever awesome thing you want captured on video. What happens when you have an overabundance of GoPros, though?

If you're Ken Block, you make a point of sticking the handy, little, HD-capable cameras everywhere and then drive through a big Gymkhana course. This is sort of a sequel to Block's Gymkhana 6, called the GoPro Edition, because it's been filmed entirely on HD Hero3+ cams. Multiple cameras in the cockpit? Check. Outside the car? Check. On obstacles? Check. Engine bay? Check. Giant crane suspending a vehicle-destroying morning star? Check.

The result of all these cameras on all these objects is a car video that covers action from a huge variety of angles. We've got the entire video below, and as a bonus, we've included the original Gymkhana 6, shot with conventional cameras. Take a look.

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