Locations of Tesla Supercharger stations. (Autoblog).
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced via twitter Sunday that Tesla has officially expanded its Supercharger network across the county.

The Supercharger network contains 71 stations, according to Autoblog, and Musk estimates that 80 percent of Americans are within 200 miles of at least one of them. Notably, that includes Texans who are barred from buying Tesla products in their home state.

The Supercharger can charge a Model S EV to half its full power in 20 minutes, providing enough charge to get to the next filling station. All for free. The Supercharger is considered such a leap forward in green technology that it was voted 2013 Technology of the Year by AOL Autos.

Critics of electric vehicles often cite a lack of recharging infrastructure as one of the major hurdles companies face when bringing the cars to the market. Tesla is tackling this problem head-on, and wants to continue expanding the network to 100-percent coverage, according to Clean Technia.

With the release of the more affordable Tesla Model E on the horizon, the Northern California-based company is surely hoping that the expansion of the Supercharger network will put "range anxiety" to bed once and for all.

Tesla Supercharger | TOY

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