Stolen Car Returned To Owners Full Of Evidence

A Washington couple were surprised to find their stolen SUV returned filled with stolen merchandise and personal papers.

Ellie Leonard's SUV was quickly recovered by Seattle police after it was stolen early last week, according to KOMO News. When she and her husband went to pick up the vehicle, the officer on duty told the Leonards that there were some articles left inside of it, but, since no suspect was found at the scene, it was their responsibility.

The articles the office was referring to included a big screen television, tools, tax returns, knives, clothes and drug paraphernalia.

After a re-contacting the police, they were told that the items, which were obviously stolen, were evidence and should have never been released. Officers came to retrieve the evidence, but it required some extra legwork.

"At 11:30 at night we were digging things out of the city dumpster to take away for evidence," Leonard told KOMO News.

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