Need more cup holders for your Tesla Model S? 3D print some

What do you get for the car owner that has everything? Well, if it's the owner of a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, you can either get him or her a $500 cup-holder insert that sets atop the car's center console or, better yet, score him or her a 3D printer that can print one out.

Street Insider directs us to this oh-so-technologically-advanced option for anyone with a bit of extra cash on hand. Apparently, there are blueprints circulating for a cup-holder insert that can be printed on a Stratasys MakerBot printer. Those printers run anywhere between $2,200 and $2,800 a pop, but, hey, that's nothing compared to the Tesla itself, right?

The cool thing is that the 3D cup-holder inserts can be printed out in a myriad of colors for the EV driver who wants to make the ultimate fashion statement ... or faux pas. Of course, how that printed holder will handle that first spilled cup of scalding coffee after the Model S driver gets a little too frisky on a hairpin is anyone's guess. The good news? The driver can simply go home and print another one. Sure beats shelling out $500 for the factory version.

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