Boy Run Over By Car Gets Right Back Up

A six-year-old boy from Brazil immediately bounced back after being hit by a car twice.

Joao Pedro Nascimento's 56-year-old grandmother was walking him home from school Tuesday when an out-of-control Honda Fit careened down the street, according to The Mirror. A CCTV camera caught the terrifying scene as the speeding car hit a Chevrolet, then collided with a parked Volkswagen Golf. Joao and his grandmother scrambled to avoid the Honda only to run directly into the path of the Volkswagen.

The VW knocked over the pair and rolled over Joao's head twice. Amazingly, the little boy immediately jumped up to check on his grandmother.

Joao was released that day from the hospital with bruises and cuts but no serious injuries. His grandmother suffered minor injuries and was released a few days later.

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