From experience, we know that stuffing a heaping helping of horsepower into a front-wheel-drive car isn't exactly a good idea. But why? We aren't talking about torque steer and lack of control - those are effects. We want to know the cause, and we imagine that you'd like to know that, too. As we are but humble writers, we can't possibly begin to explain the physics at play when a big boot-full of power is sent to the front axle, though. Thankfully, we don't have to.

Wired's Dot Physics blog has an excellent rundown explaining the forces at work in a high-powered, front-drive car. We aren't going to pretend to understand what they're talking about, but we imagine it all makes a good deal of sense.

If you're interested in being totally confused, hop over to Wired for an automotive-themed physics lesson.

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