Jeremy Clarkson may be many things to many people, but politically correct is not one of them. It is, after all, his opinionated nature that makes him who he is. But every once in a while – okay, more than every once in a while – he falls afoul of offending one group of people or another. And this time, it's the gay community.

The outspoken host of BBC's Top Gear recently tweeted a picture of himself on a plane to his 2.8-million Twitter followers. Next to his head in the picture is a sign with an arrow pointed to his head with the word "gay" followed by another word that we won't reprint here – let's just say it starts with the letter "C" and rhymes with the way you might kick a football to the opposing team. Or then the sign could be pointing at his co-host, James May, but that would hardly make it any less controversial.

Following outcries from his fans and detractors, Clarkson hastily deleted the photo from Twitter and posted the following apology:

Whether said apology will be accepted by the fans he offended remains to be seen, but it wasn't the first time and surely won't be the last that Clarkson will have offended some group or another. He is, after all, the least politically correct BBC television host... in the world.

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