This UK motorist lost his license for a year for driving with no hands

There are (few) appropriate times for shouting "Look Ma, no hands!" Driving a car is not one of those times. Yet that didn't stop a man from North Yorkshire, England from driving, evidently relaxed, with his hands behind his head.

Richard Newton, 36, was caught traveling between 60 and 63 miles per hour by a North Yorkshire Police safety camera on a two-lane road in his mid-80s Volkswagen. Newton was pulled over and cited for dangerous driving. According to The Telegraph, Newton was found guilty by magistrates who opted to throw the book at him.

In addition to being banned from driving for a year, Newton was fined 625 pounds ($1025,25) and will be forced to perform 100 hours of community service. Keeping both hands on the wheel is a good idea where ever you're driving - doubly so if you're on Her Majesty's roads.

Scroll down to watch what looks to be dash cam video of the incident, captured by North Yorkshire Police and provided by The Telegraph.

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