In Russia, old ladies don't take the bus... they push it

It wouldn't be uncommon in most cities, in most countries, to see an old lady taking the bus. But not in Russia. No, in Russia, old women push the bus... for two very Russian reasons: 1) The Russians never paid as much attention to building civilian transportation as they did to nuclear submarines and jet aircraft, and 2) Russian women are tough as nails. Tougher, even.

That's why this writer's family had to ask our grandmother not to try installing the air conditioners in the window herself, even though she's perfectly capable of still doing so, she pointed out, though pushing 90 years old. It's also probably why the elderly Russian woman in this video kept pushing a bus (full of people, no less) even when all the big brawny men had given up. Then again she could be 30; life in Russia is hard, comrade.

As FilVideo777 pointed out when uploading this video, "So strongly the grannies are in Russia!" So strongly indeed. See for yourself in the half-minute video clip below.

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