GM will no longer hold monthly sales calls with journalists, analysts

Following its controversial decision earlier this year to stop publishing monthly production numbers, General Motors has now announced that it will join the ranks of Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia and others in not holding a monthly conference call to discuss sales with the automotive media.

"We are ending the call to concentrate on conferences and other forums that allow us to discuss our strategy and our result with a long-term view and in a very holistic way," GM spokesperson Jim Cain said on the final sales call, according to Automotive News.

The move ends a 20-year tradition of holding sales calls for GM, in which the media was told about strategies and other insider details about the sales atmosphere. The end of the monthly calls "gives us an opportunity to talk about our global strategy and how each individual market fits into it and not get so buried in the minutia and tactical results of one individual market," Cain said, according to Bloomberg.

The move is controversial - arguably more so than the decision to stop publishing monthly production figures - if only because it highlights the fact that GM is becoming a less transparent company. It's also a bad move for some suppliers, according to AN, who have grown to depend on the calls to tailor their production plans.

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