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Forget Ice Road Truckers, watch this truck made of ice hit the road

There was a Canadian Tire store at the mall down the street where this writer went to high school. It was next to the food court where we got our snacks and opposite the bus stop where we got on and off every morning and afternoon. But looking like it had already been picked clean ahead of the zombie apocalypse and with all the allure of a J.C. Penney sans the slacks, we generally avoided that store like the plague. If only they'd had stuff this cool it might never have closed.

What you're looking at is a pickup truck crafted out of solid blocks of ice for Canadian Tire, a retail chain you can think of as a northern version of Pep Boys or NAPA Auto Parts, only bigger, more polite (but less helpful) and with its own currency. The team at Iceculture in Hensall, Ontario, took a real truck chassis and running gear, welded the suspension solid and recreated the bodywork with 11,000 pounds of ice, all to showcase that its MotoMaster battery will work at 40 degrees below freezing.

The creation is up for some world record – we guess for the biggest vehicle made of ice, eh? - but whatever the purpose, it sure puts a show like Ice Road Truckers into perspective. And short of putting a hockey rink and poutine stand on the back, it's about as quintessentially Canadian as a bilingual beaver riding a polar bear to the Barenaked Ladies concert. Uphill. In the snow. Both ways. Check it out in playlist of five video clips below.

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