There may not be tanks, jet fighters or meteors in this Russian dash cam video, but it does offer a high-speed chase, some car-to-car combat and Benny Hill-like hijinks, all while answering that age-old question: which is mightier in a fight, the knife or the shovel? There's even a bit of unintentional ghost riding thrown in for good measure.

Yes, we really did just type that. This bizarre, four-minute-long video leaves out what caused the initial conflict between a Toyota Camry driver and a Mazda MPV driver, as it opens with the Camry man out of his car and wielding a knife. While we'd recommend taking a peak at the entire video, those that want to get to the action had best just jump to 3:00, which is when the conflict reaches its surreal, unintentionally comical conclusion.

Take a look below, and let us know what you think caused this madness in Comments.

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