Michael Schumacher is in a fight for his life. As we reported earlier, the seven-time Formula One World Champion was involved in an accident while skiing in the French alps, but the severity of his injuries were not fully known. And they may still not be, but certain details have come to light in the 24 hours since the accident.

Contrary to earlier reports that suggested his injuries were mild and not life-threatening, the latest word is that the retired F1 driver lies in a medically induced coma at the university hospital in Grenoble. There he underwent surgery to stop the bleeding in his head caused by numerous contusions and lesions.

In a press conference at the hospital, Schumacher's doctors revealed that he had not, contrary to certain reports, undergone a second surgical procedure, but the possibility of its necessity could not be ruled out, either. Describing his condition as "life-threatening," the hospital's head anesthetician Dr. Jean-Francois Payen spoke at a news conference: "For the moment we cannot say what Michael Schumacher's future is," reported the Chicago Tribune. "We are working round the clock - we are trying to win time."

For now it seems everyone will have to wait and see how he recovers, but of course we're all hoping for the best and sending our wishes for a recovery that will be as speedy and complete as we'd expect from one of the most accomplished drivers in the history of motorsport. (For updates, we suggest following anesthesiology professor and former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein on Twitter.)

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