We're still not sure if or when we'll get it, but we know how fast it'll get 'round the Nürburgring, we know its headlights can give the trypophobic the heeby-jeebies and we know we like it. During a track day in Italy and thanks to YouTube user Marchettino, we also know what it looks like in white and what its 1.75-liter, four-cylinder exhaust note sounds like when you aim a camera at its rear and have someone lay his foot on the throttle.

Spoiler: it's a very nice sound, in case the briefly throaty antics of Giancarlo Fisichella, Chris Harris and our own First Drive hadn't convinced you already. And that makes it all the more shameful that three years after it was introduced as a concept we're still waiting to find out if we can have it. You can continue your pining to the sounds in the video below.

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