Mercedes has managed to elevate one of its most utilitarian models to luxury status, but those familiar with the G-Class – or really anyone who's ever even seen one – will know that the Geländewagen is a true workhorse if there ever was one. Stripped of its luxury accoutrements, the G-Class is sold to military forces and government bodies as the 461 series. And Mercedes was, for a time, glad to sell the bare-bones G-Wagen to private customers as well, but the latest word is that it will no longer.

While the luxed-out 463 model is offered in these United States with a choice of V8 engines, the 461 (since its reappearance on the private customer market in 2010) has been offered only with a 3.0-liter V6 diesel... and little else. We're not sure exactly how these things work since the AMG versions would seem to be the biggest offenders, but a new report from Car and Driver says the bare-bones G-Wagen has fallen prey to constricting emissions regulations.

That would make this model's discontinuation (or at least disappearance from the consumer market) different from the demise of the convertible version, which was killed off mostly due to lack of interest. So if you want a Geländewagen now, you'll just have to go for the fully-equipped model – or make a new friend at your defense department's procurement office.

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