During the holiday season, there's always an extra push to show the dangers of drinking and driving, and while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has enlisted the help of Robocop for its recent campaign, a Belgian group called Responsible Young Drivers is looking to reach out to a younger audience by using the popular Gran Turismo video game.

The video enlists a top Belgian GT gamer to help show how alcohol affects ones driving abilities. The driver first lays down a baseline lap, finishing in first place. He then grabs a seat at a makeshift bar, consumes enough drinks to get his blood alcohol level to reach .0920 (almost twice the legal limit in Belgium and slightly more than the .08 legal limit in the US). After he stumbles over to the game and slumps in behind the wheel, his on-track performance is noticably worst. The video may be a little preachy, and possibly somewhat staged at the end, but it should get the message across.

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