Last year, we put together a sort of Greatest Hits catalog for Autoblog in the year 2012. And in the spirit of getting ready to tie a bow on the year 2013, we've compiled our best moments from the past 365 days for one more collection of our proudest moments.

We're fully aware that our obsessive coverage of the automotive industry tends to lure more on the newsy side of things, but there's so much more that we're proud of here. From our comprehensive First Drives, Reviews and Quick Spins, to our other unique feature stories, we've had a lot of fun putting together Autoblog for you all. And we're ready to kick even more butt in 2014 and beyond.

But now, before we call it quits on 2013, have a look below at Autoblog's best moments of the year.

Exclusive Lamborghini Veneno photo shoot in the desert

Lamborghini Veneno

Only three people in the world will buy the Lamborghini Veneno coupe. Not because there isn't demand, but because that's as many as Lamborghini will make. Three. Thus, chances are, you'll probably never see one on the road. So your best chance at ogling the Veneno in all its glory is right here, in our exclusive set of photos. Lamborghini gave our director of photography, Drew Phillips, private access to the super coupe out in the desert, and the end result is easily one of our favorite photo galleries of the entire year.

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On safari with Subaru in South Africa

Subaru Foresters in South Africa

Every now and then, we get invited on some seriously cool trips. And earlier this year, Subaru sent along one heck of an invitation. To show that its Forester is more than just a rugged runabout for the crossover crowd, Subaru invited us to South Africa where we could take the new CUV out on a proper safari. Managing editor Jeremy Korzeniewski packed his bags, and the resulting story remains one of our favorite reads from the year.

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Tom Kowaleski and the birth of the Dodge Viper

Tom Kowaleski

Tom Kowaleski has held many senior positions at a number of automakers over the years, including Chrysler, General Motors, BMW, and currently, Lincoln. In this story, Kowaleski talks about his time inside Chrysler, and divulges some behind-the-scenes information about what it was like to launch the original Dodge Viper in the early 1990s.

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First Drive: Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer

Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer

It is not possible to dislike this car. Just look at it. The folks at Singer created a spectacularly special creation in their one-off 'reimagination' of the iconic Porsche 911. And, in the words of west coast editor Michael Harley, the final product is "the most alluring vehicle in the world." In this First Drive, Harley spends some time wringing the Singer creation around some of southern California's finest roads, and Drew Phillips came along to capture yet another spectacular photo gallery.

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Project Ugly Horse, now with more EcoBoost

Project Ugly Horse

Zach Bowman may have left Autoblog to tackle new adventures over at Road & Track, but before leaving earlier this year, our former scribe hit a huge milestone in his Project Ugly Horse series. Ford sent over a brand-new 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine for use in the 'Stang, and Bowman was tasked with shoehorning the new mill under the hood of the old horse. The Project Ugly Horse saga may have been one of our favorite serials from 2012, but the arrival of EcoBoost power only made the project more awesome. Be sure to keep up with Zach and his horse over at Road & Track.

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Freezing our butts off with Mercedes-Benz in the Arctic Circle

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

We at Autoblog have a pretty strong love for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. (Your author is a self-diagnosed Sprinter addict.) But there's good reason for that – the thing is just awesome. In our quest to show the world that there is nothing the Mercedes van cannot do, executive editor Chris Paukert participated in a truly epic expedition deep into the Arctic Circle, putting Merc's all-capable van to a truly extreme test. In addition to the excellent story, be sure to watch the episode of our video series, The List, that covers this very same trip.

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Back at the Isle of Man with Subaru

Subaru at the Isle of Man

Last year, Subaru invited us to explore the infamous Isle of Man in its then-new BRZ coupe, and it turned out to be one of our best stories of the year. So when Subaru asked us to come back and experience the Isle one more time, senior editor Seyth Miersma took on the challenge. And while you might think this story would be way too similar to our tale from the year before, one read of Miersma's story will show you that there was even more to discover this time around.

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Los Angeles to New York in Audi's diesel darlings

Audi TDI

The mission was clear: drive from Los Angeles to New York as quickly as possible, while being as efficient as possible. AutoblogGreen head honcho Sebastian Blanco partnered with Wayne Gerdes and the CleanMPG team to do just that, in a trio of Audi's latest diesel products – the A6, A7 and Q5 TDI. Effortless? You bet. Efficient? Totally.

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The List #0393: Breaking a land speed record

The List host Jessi Combs added one heck of a line to her CV earlier this year – she is now the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels. Combs broke the FIA Women's Land Speed Record at a dry lake bed in Oregon, where she recorded a two-way average speed of 393 miles per hour and maxed out at an absolutely astonishing 440 mph. Monumental occasions like this are what The List is all about, and this episode is, without a doubt, our favorite from this year.

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Autoblog Podcast #361 with PJ O'Rourke

The Autoblog Podcast is something we truly love doing – gives us a chance to discuss the week's news in a super informal setting, and by the time this year closes, we'll have done over 360 of them thus far. Recently, we had author and general funnyman PJ O'Rourke on the show, where he chatted with Dan Roth, Jeff Ross and Michael Harley. If you haven't yet subscribed to the Autoblog Podcast in iTunes, click here to do so now.

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This year's auto show season

LA Auto Show

Yeah, yeah – we picked this one last year, too. But honestly, when we reflect on all of the things were most proud of on Autoblog this year, our auto show coverage is right at the top. When we say we obsessively cover the industry, we mean it, and our in-depth auto show coverage is proof positive of that fact. And we're already gearing up for another insane/awesome season in 2014.

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