A Polish man, Jacek Mazur, describes himself as an amateur mechanic. We think that's an understatement, based on what he built - an pretty awesome replica of the legendary McLaren F1. This isn't some Fierorarri type deal, either.

Mazur fabricated the car's tubular space frame, crafted the body, built a seat in the middle and dropped a BMW-sourced V12 in the back. This is quite possibly one of the finest replicar builds we've ever seen, featuring a degree of detail that Gordon Murray would be impressed by.

It took him eight years to construct, and will allegedly do 200 miles per hour, although as Car Throttle points out it'd take a rare degree of bravery for anyone to take a home-built car to such speeds. The total cost of the project, though, is what's most impressive - 20,000 pounds, or $32,708, making this mid-engined, V12-powered replica an equal in price to a nicely equipped Honda Accord. Amazing.

Take a look below to see a video interview from Mazur, along with images of the build process and scenes of the car in motion.

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