How do you keep one of the most hotly anticipated cars under wraps from spying eyes? Ford spent a lot of time camouflaging the 2015 Ford Mustang with vinyl and foam to conceal the real shape of the car beneath the covers.

Now they've unveiled what went into creating the camouflage. The camo kept the car hidden from spy photographers who were hiding in bushes and stalking the car, hoping to sell their photos to car sites and magazines for top dollar.

"I would say Mustang has gotten more attention than any vehicle I've been associated with," said Raj Nair, group vice president of Ford.

The whole idea was to hide the car's identity, but it certainly ended up acting as a magnet for attention, too. According to Ford's press release, it took less than an hour for spy shots to appear online after the car was taken on public roads for the very first time – this is likely in reference to Autoblog's first official spy shots of the Mustang from June.

The automaker's first attempt at coverings revealed too much of the car's shape, the company said. So they added more padding and disguised the roofline. The resulting coverings made the car seem smaller than it actually was, Ford said. The wraps weighed 49 pounds, which was light enough to allow Ford to test the car without affecting vehicle dynamics too much.

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