Ford toys around with Snowkhana Two in time for the holidays

Last year around this time, Ford of Europe warmed our car-loving souls with the release of Snowkhana One. The pseudo-Block video placed a miniature Fiesta rally car, complete with Ken's livery, in a Gymkhana-style scene made up of toys. As you might have inferred, the very fact that it was named Snowkhana One and not simply Snowkhana implied that there'd be more, and one year later, that's exactly what the Blue Oval has bestowed upon us.

This time, the 1:64-scale Fiesta joins a ninja turtle, a toy dinosaur, some stuffed animals, an assortment of other matchbox-size cars, a Playmobil santa and a bowl of laughing brussels sprouts under the Christmas tree in a crude approximation of a Toy Story adventure that's just what this holiday season was missing. Check it out in the video clip below.

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