This bit of news about the tax breaks Tesla Model S buyers in Norway are getting from the Norwegian government gets to us by way of the International Business Times via the Norwegian website Budstikka, but even so, there's nothing lost in translation. The reports that Model S buyers there are getting tax breaks worth about US$134,000 for the all-electric luxury sedans are accurate.

The cost of living in Norway is incredibly high, and the typical Norwegian Model S buyer makes $285,000. That's almost double the average income in the communities where most Model S vehicles are being purchased throughout Norway, meaning that the buyers are the richest of the rich. And in addition to auto-registration fee exemptions and other goodies, Model S drivers get access to bus lanes, free ferry rides and automobile-tax discounts. It's a charmed life.

With such hefty incentives, Tesla made a big splash as soon as it started selling its cars in a Norway a few months back. In fact, Agence France-Presse said that the Model S was Norway's best-selling car (not the best-selling green car, the best-selling car) in September, the same month Tesla began deploying its Supercharger network there. Norwegians bought 616 Model S sedans that month, accounting for about five percent of all cars sold in the country. Now we know why.

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