Even with the proliferation of digital cameras providing endless streams of seemingly irrefutable video evidence, there are still many sides of any given story that go unknown. And that is most likely what's going on with this video. What we do know is that YouTube user JokRKidd has a neighbor that really doesn't like him, and that he lives in a city with some questionable laws. How questionable you ask? More questionable than the laws that used to make it illegal to park a pickup truck in the driveway of a private residence at night in Coral Gables, FL.

In Garden City, NY, there is apparently a village ordinance aimed at preventing people from washing their cars (and furniture) in public places. That doesn't sound terribly absurd, but what what takes things up a notch is these officers' judgement – their reading of the code about "public places" also includes washing vehicles on private property in public view.

In this video, a pair of police officers show up as two men are about to wash a Volkswagen Golf in a private driveway, but instead of a ticket, they get a free lesson in local laws. While the interpretation of the law – especially in regards to what is defined as a "public place" – is questionable at best, we're fairly certain that there's more going on here than a car wash and an angry neighbor. Scroll down to check out the video for yourself, and let us know what you think in Comments.

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