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Icon builds 'Iron Lung' Harley Davidson Sportster [w/video]

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Icon is known for its stylized motorcycle helmets and gear, but it also builds themed, custom motorcycles, too. The folks over at Icon most recently built Iron Lung, which started out as a 1991 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Of course, it now looks nothing like the bike on which it's based - more like what Harley might have produced if it got into road racing a couple decades ago.

In a video featuring the creation, Icon says the custom Sportster is "600 pounds of antiquated mechanics uncorked to maximum velocity with only guile and cunning to keep her in check" and it's "the most beautiful and ugly thing we've ever built." We have to agree. See Iron Lung for yourself in the first video below, and then head further down to watch Everything is Process, in which you'll find out the driving force behind Icon's custom bikes and see Iron Lung in the build process. Enjoy!

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