As it's December and April Fools' Day is still months away, we aren't entirely sure what to make of the website for the latest piece of automotive vaporware. From a company called Godsil Motorsports, it promises a sixteen-cylinder, natural-gas-powered luxury car called Manhattan V16.

The concept sounds fine and dandy, but a number of details have us scratching our collective head. The company's founder, Jason Godsil, seems to run a legitimate parts business called Exotica Motorsport out of Washington, but there's perilously little actual information about the car.

We have a hard time believing that Godsil is qualified to build a sixteen-cylinder engine at all, largely because there hasn't been a successful V16 in the better part of a century. Heck, it took the full might of the Volkswagen Group to bring the Bugatti Veyron and its W16 to fruition. Meanwhile, the sole image of the proposed car is a wispy drawing (which we've posted above) that makes the average industry teaser seem like a detail-laden buffet of information.

With the mercurial nature of boutique supercar makers in general, the roughness of Godsil's website, and the lack of detail, you can put us down as "highly skeptical." But don't take our word for it; hop over to the Godsil Motorsports page and then come back and let us know what you think.

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