Mercedes-Benz designers had the unique challenge of creating a bespoke new car for the recently released Gran Turismo 6, but the automaker took that challenge a step further by creating a full-scale showcar, a concept it debuted at last month's LA Auto Show. The long, low and wide AMG Vision GT is obviously a car not meant for this world (unless, of course, you're J&S World Wide Holdings), but Mercedes has released a video showing how it brought the video game special to life.

We would have to imagine that vehicle designers already have one of the coolest jobs in the automotive industry, but the guys behind the Mercedes AMG Vision GT seemed to have a little extra fun with this assignment. Rather than having to worry about practicality or safety, these designers instead had to focus on how the car looked when viewed through all of the game's perspectives. Yes, this actually required them to play video games on the job. Poor guys!

The video, which is posted below, shows some of the other prospective designs for this car and even some in-game action, but the best part is perhaps listening to the virtual exhaust note that was also created specifically for this car.

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