Following the crash that claimed the lives of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, we reported on the effect that Walker's death may have on the latest installment of the wildly successful (and profitable) movie series.

At that time - mere days after the crash - it was unclear how Universal Studios would handle the death of the star of its franchise. Numerous reports claimed that the film would go on hiatus (it did, indefinitely) and that only about half of Walker's scenes had been shot, leaving the cast and studio in a difficult position regarding the future of the film.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Chris Morgan, the man that crafted the film's original script, is at work on rewrites that the studio is hoping can give Walker a proper sendoff while still salvaging a film that Universal has poured $150 million into. According to the story, if the rewrites are signed off on, the cast and crew could be filming by January.

Scenes Walker filmed before his death would still be used, although it's unclear how Morgan will write in the exit of Walker's character, Brian O'Connor.

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