Think of it as the three-digit MPG car for the rest of us. Renault is working on a Clio-like plug-in hybrid vehicle that will be shown off at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and may get 141 miles per gallon, MSN reports, citing Renault research executive Remi Bastien. The French automaker says aerodynamics, and not lightweighting, are the key.

For Renault, that means avoiding carbon-fiber parts that automakers like BMW are using to make the car lighter but that also add substantial costs to the car. Auto Express says Bastien claims that the upcoming Renault PHEV will be substantially cheaper than Volkswagen's XL1. That won't be all that difficult, since that 250+ miles per gallon teardrop will cost a reported $150,000.

The PHEV is only one part of a bigger picture that Renault is working on. The company says new and better electrification technologies that could be used with both pure plug-ins and gas-powered vehicles will drastically change the specs for upcoming vehicles. That means next-gen, Zoe-like EVs that have a single-charge range of about 250 miles by 2020 or gas-powered cars that emit as little as 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer by that same deadline. We can get behind that.

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