A San Diego woman who was ticketed in October by the California Highway Patrol for wearing Google Glass while driving pleaded not guilty and will fight the citation in court, Yahoo reports. The woman, Cecilia Abadie, was pulled over for driving 80 miles per hour in a 65-mph zone.

After Abadie was pulled over for speeding, her attorney reportedly claims that the Google Glass switched on when she looked up at the CHP officer, who was standing by her window. The device was designed to respond to a head tilt by turning on.

Abadie's ticket is believed to be the first citation issued for wearing Google Glass while driving, but California has no laws specifically banning the use of the device while behind the wheel. There are places that are considering legislation to ban wearing Google Glass while driving, such as West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and in the UK.

To use Google Glass, one must look up into a screen slightly above the right eye. Users can read texts, search the Internet, make calls and more with the hands-free device, and it can even be used for GPS navigation.

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