Lohan drafting lawsuit against GTA V's Rockstar Games? [w/video]

The Grand Theft Auto videogame series is loved and loathed by many, and, as it turns out, Lindsay Lohan can be added to the latter group - unless GTA's publisher, Rockstar Games, cuts her a check. More specifically, TMZ reports, the troubled actress and her lawyers are drafting a lawsuit against the publisher demanding money for using what she says is her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V without permission.

The character in question includes a cover image of a blonde woman holding a cellphone. In the game, there are two missions involving characters that are claimed to resemble Lohan. One mission features a female character (named Lacey Jonas) who asks for help avoiding paparazzi and to be driven home, and the other has players visiting a location resembling Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont hotel - a known Lohan hangout and her previous residence - to take pictures of a female character having sex.

Take a look at the woman in the cover image (pictured) and feel free to head below to watch a TMZ video report of the situation with in-game footage of the "Lacey Jonas" mission. What do you think: is Lindsay Lohan in GTA V?

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