An electric car owner was arrested and charged with stealing after he plugged his EV into a public school outlet. The estimated cost of the theft? About five cents.

Nissan Leaf owner Kaveh Kamooneh told 11 Alive Atlanta he drove his electric vehicle to Chamblee Middle School in Chamblee, Ga, last month to attend his 11-year-old son's tennis game. He plugged the Leaf into an exterior outlet at the school, something he had done before. The car charged for 20 minutes before police showed up and told him he was stealing.

Ten days later, police arrested Kamooneh at his home and charged him with stealing by taking without consent. Police insist stealing is stealing, no matter the value of what is taken. Kamooneh told the news station that cell phones and laptops are often charged in public and commercial spaces without consent, yet there is no record of arrests made in those situations. Kamooneh plans to fight the charges.

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