DMV to Recall Nebraska Man's License After Caller's Request
A Nebraska man must prove he is not a danger on the road after an anonymous tipster reported him to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV recalled Kevin Petersen's driver's license after he experienced a blackout while behind the wheel and caused a car crash. The tipster blamed the event on Petersen's history of epileptic seizures. Petersen, however, contended that he takes daily medication to treat his epilepsy and has not experienced a seizure since 2008. Doctors at the emergency room after the crash said the accident-causing blackout was due to dehydration, Petersen told KETV.

To keep his license, he must retake the driver's exam and provide doctor's notes attesting to his good health and vision. Last year, the Nebraska DMV received 751 recall requests. Such requests are kept confidential to ensure people feel they can report dangerous drivers without fear of retaliation, according to KETV.

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