Texting while driving is dangerous, and to ensure the safety of its motorists, New York has made it a primary offense for a driver to use a cell phone at all. The problem with a ban on texting while driving, though, is that it can be hard for police to enforce the law since most people text with the phone down by their lap.

To combat this, The New York Times says that the New York State Police just received 32 unmarked SUVs so its officers can look down into cars to see what drivers are up to. Aside from the fact that these SUVs are grey in color, the article did not say what type of vehicle is being used. While it could easily be a police-spec Dodge Durango, Chevy Tahoe or the Ford Police Interceptor Utility (shown above), it could also be just a random SUV make and model. Texters beware.

New York's ban on texting and cell phones is one of the most aggressive in the US, including five points on the driver's record and a fine of up to $200. Over the summer in a two-month span, 5,553 drivers were ticketed for this offense. In addition to fines and penalties, though, the state has also set up Texting Zones for motorists to pull over and make phones calls and send text messages.

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