With talk of Mary Barra as one of four potential successors to Dan Akerson as CEO of General Motors, it seems like ripe time to take a step back and acknowledge the most powerful women in the auto industry. Fortune made that easy for us by compiling a top-10 list, and sitting at the top is no other than Mary Barra.

That was a no-brainer, after watching her "No more crappy cars" speech at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in October, but who would fill out the rest of the list and in what order remained a mystery.

But as Fortune's list points out, the most powerful women in the auto industry make a diverse crowd, with communications and marketing executives, a professional racecar driver/celebrity, engineers and even a CEO of a major Canadian parts company (Linamar). Take a look below to see who made the list, then head over to Fortune if you want a brief description of why they're considered to be at the top of their game:
  • Mary Barra - GM, Executive vice president global product development and global purchasing and supply chain
  • Grace Lieblein - GM, Vice president global purchasing and supply chain
  • Julie Hamp - Toyota Motor North America, Chief communications officer
  • Danica Patrick - Racecar driver
  • Alicia Boler-Davis - GM, Senior vice president global quality and global customer experience
  • Barb Samardzich - Ford Motor, Vice president and chief operating officer, Ford of Europe
  • Chris Barman - Chrysler Group LLC, Vehicle line executive
  • Linda Hasenfratz - Linamar, CEO
  • Trudy Hardy - BMW of North America, Vice president of marketing
  • Elena Ford - Ford Motor, Vice president global dealer and consumer experience

UPDATE: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed the source as Forbes. This has been corrected.

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