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Land Rover could expand Autobiography Black trim to other Range Rovers

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There are two things that set the new flagship Range Rover apart from the rest. For one, it's longer than the already commodious SUV on which it's based. For another, it comes in an exclusive new trim level which Land Rover calls Autobiography Black. Only it may not be exclusive for long.

Speaking with Autocar, Land Rover product chief Finbar McFall indicated that the British automaker could expand the new top-of-the-line trim level to other Range Rover models, including the standard-wheelbase Range Rover, the seven-seat Range Rover Sport and the compact Range Rover Evoque. Though McFall stopped short of confirming their imminent arrival, he did say that customers are always clamoring for more luxury, and that more Black editions could be "an option for the future".

Realized by JLR's Engineered To Order division, the Autobiography Black edition of the long-wheelbase Range Rover features a first-class cabin with 18-way adjustable, reclining rear seats separated by a center console, electrically deployable tray tables, bottle chiller, 10.2-inch rear entertainment screens, Medirian audio system, ten-color LED ambient lighting, distinct exterior detailing and unique seven-spoke wheels.

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