Lamborghini has launched a website for something it calls the Hexagon Project. The mysterious page asks that you submit your email address, and then it gives you a taste of glorious V10 engine noise, with the message: "Listen to your instinct. Discover the roar of a new creature from Lamborghini. That will be just the beginning."

But where is that wonderful noise going to come from? Since we don't see Lambo launching a front-engined, front-drive minivan in the near future, we're guessing it'll be found in the back of some low-slung, edgy super car.

In our minds, that leaves two candidates. The popular opinion, perpetuated by our friends at Jalopnik, is that this is the engine for Lambo's Gallardo replacement, rumored to be called the Cabrera. This is a sound guess, although the naming of the site, Hexagon Project, makes us think that there's more to it all than just the Cabrera's new engine.

We're guessing that this might be the engine destined for the production, track-only version of the Sesto Elemento concept. See, Sesto Elemento means "sixth element" in Italian, and the sixth element on the periodic table is carbon. Carbon atoms have six protons, and they actually form hexagons. So, the Hexagon Project could hint at the Sesto Elemento. We'll admit, it's grasping a bit, but the logic is sound.

Of course, a third option about the Hexagon Project name could be in regards to its styling - strict, geometric and full of straight lines. Judging by the spy photos and renderings we've seen, though, this seems this least likely of all of our speculations.

What do you think this all means? Is this engine headed for the Cabrera, a track-only model or something we just haven't thought of yet? Hop over to the Hexagon Project website, and then swing back and let us know what you think in Comments.

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