Professional Driver Survives Insane 180 MPH Car Crash
The land speed racer who lost control of his vehicle two weeks ago while roaring across the desert at over 180 mph is speaking about the heart-stopping footage of his crash.

Brian Gillespie, 55, was racing his modified Honda Insight at El Mirage Dry Lake near Adelanto in Southern California. Gillespie was trying to break his last record, but as he told CNN, he doesn't remember anything past third gear.

While traveling over 180 mph Gillespie's car veered to the right and flipped over and over again, spraying debris across the dry lake bed.

Gillespie managed to walk away from the crash with a concussion which left him with no memory of the incident. Gillespie's crew chief told CBS safety measures, such as the roll cage, most likely saved Gillespie's life.

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