Car-L RC buggy gets up close and personal with pride of lions

Before the team at Autoblog could drive actual cars, we cut our teeth on remote-controlled facsimiles, building ramps, jumps and all manner of obstacles, in a bid to destroy our cars test our driving prowess. For most of us, though, once we were old enough to drive, or at least consider driving, the RC cars were handed down to our younger siblings or that neighbor kid. We've maintained a soft spot for the RC, though, and always get some joy out of them being used in a professional context.

Wildlife photography is as challenging as hunting, which makes getting shots from up close difficult and dangerous. That sense of danger is even greater when the query is a pride of lions. Photographer Chris McLellan's innovative solution for shooting the big cats, though, is a prime example of the usefulness that comes from a simple, radio-controlled car.

Car-L is a "camera buggy" according to our Australian host, perfectly designed for getting rare shots of dangerous predators while protecting a very expensive piece of hardware (a $3,000 Nikon D800E and its pricey lens), as demonstrated when its driven towards a group of female lions. Take a look below to see the video.

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