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The List #0393: Break a Land Speed Record

The point of The List is to complete a bucket list that would make any auto enthusiast proud, but there are some experiences we always assumed might be out of reach for even us. Breaking a land speed record was one of them. The time, resources and skills required to properly set a new benchmark in speed are for the seriously committed only. Fortunately for us (and you), host Jessi Combs is one of those people.

As we reported, Combs became the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels last month when she broke the FIA Women's Land Speed Record on a dry lake bed in Oregon. Behind the stick of a retired, wingless ex-military jet, she recorded a two-way average speed of nearly 393 miles per hour and maxed out at over 440 mph.

Her feat was monumental and the experience once in a lifetime, making it perhaps the most worthy item we've ever recorded for The List. We're ready to share her experience with you, so scroll down to watch history being made.

UPDATE: Sorry for the technical difficulties. They have been fixed and the episode plays fine now.

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