Professional rally driving is one of the toughest gigs going in motorsports. High speeds, uneven surfaces, varied weather conditions and the occasional flub from driver or co-driver can (and do) conspire to wreak all manner of havoc. Just a fraction too much steering lock, selecting the wrong gear at the wrong time or suffering from a microsecond lapse of attention can cause a racer to end up in the weeds with a quickness.

Apparently, it can also cause you to end up in something altogether less desirable than the weeds. Just ask Citroën WRC driver Mikko Hirvonen and his co-driver, Jarmo Lehtinen. We've never been to Wales – it sure does look like a nice place to stage a race – but our guess is that the Finnish crew is now more intimately acquainted with the local livestock than they'd ultimately prefer. Scroll on below to see exactly what we mean.

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