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West coast beaches inspired this 2015 Chevrolet Colorado lifeguard truck

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
The 2015 Colorado represents Chevrolet's return to the midsize pickup segment in the US, and the automaker wants it to be known for its versatility, which is the reason why the beach patrol vehicle on display at the LA Auto Show was built.

West Coast beaches inspired the yellow-and-red lifeguard truck, which has a bed-mounted surfboard rack with a small light bar on top. Take away the beach patrol theme and the truck would be great for surf trips. The upscale interior of the Colorado would give lifeguards a comfortable place to work, as well, and either the 193-horsepower four-cylinder engine or the 302-hp V6 would work just fine for beach driving.

Head over to the photo gallery to see the beach patrol Colorado.

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