Daredevil Achieves First Barrel Roll In A Four Wheel Vehicle

Adrian 'Wildman' Cenni turned automotive world on its head

The Baja 1000 is a rag tag, off-road race held every November on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Known for attracting daredevils and thrill seekers alike, the race has seen its fair share of theatrics over the course of its decades-long existence. But this year, one man achieved greatness at the Baja 1000 not on the track, but in the air. According to Nine News stunt driver Adrian 'Wildman' Cenni made history at Baja by completing the first ever ground-to-ground four wheeled barrel roll.

To give you some context here, a barrel roll is normally achieved when a plane rolls along its longitudinal axis in mid flight. How exactly did Cenni achieve this feet in a non-aircraft? With the help of a pair of ramps - and little bit of luck - Cenni got an extra-special lift that kicked his car into the air and tilted it into the roll. In a scene that seemed to defy gravity, Adrian was able to twist the vehicle all the way around and landed hard on packed dirt.

Seems pretty safe to say 'Wildman' won't be losing that nickname any time soon.

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