Mitsubishi Electric will bring its futuristic electric concept vehicle a little closer to the present with an updated version of its for-show-only EMIRAI model at the Tokyo Motor Show starting later this month, Electric Vehicle News says.

On tap for the EMIRAI 2 are traction and acceleration control features as well as a "driving-assistance" system with image sensing capabilities. Those updates compliment things such as the biometrics system that was said to have included a feature that offered an automatic seat adjustment based on the driver's heart rate and facial temperature as well as a "W"-shaped steering wheel (cool-looking, yes, but we're trying to figure out the practical value). Mitsubishi broke out the first version of the EMIRAI (pictured) at the Tokyo Show in late 2011 and we've got a video of it below.

Let's get realistic, though. Mitsubishi has sold limited numbers of its all-electric i (known overseas as the i-MiEV) in the US but has said it wants to expand its EV presence through a recently announced collaboration with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. That agreement will involve co-developing an EV vehicle based on the so-called "kei car" compact platform that debuted in Japan earlier this year in the form of both the Nissan Dayz and the Mitsubishi eK wagon. Still, as long as we're in an auto show bubble, we'll take an EMIRAI, too.

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