ATV Rider Nearly Plunges Over Cliff

A helmet-mounted camera captured a woman's fall and rescue after she tumbled from her four-wheeler and nearly slid down a 40-foot cliff.

According to KSL News, Angelica McCall was out riding ATVs with friends last month outside of Cedar City, Utah. Friend John Dumm's helmet cam captured the moment McCall fell off her ATV and began sliding down the cliff face. Dumm immediately rushed to help McCall as her husband held back the stranded four-wheeler from sliding down and striking the pair.

Once McCall was out of harm's way Dumm almost lost his footing, but managed to stop just inches from the 4-story drop. After seven breathless minutes both managed to scramble up the cliff to safety. The ATV was hauled up with a rope made of sweatshirts tied together.

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