Common sense should guide police officers to not do what they give citations for - such as drag racing - but common sense was nowhere to be found when an Alabama motorcycle cop accepted a challenge to drag race a motorcyclist. Twice. Unfortunately for the officer, the civilian rider, Lawrence Lee Spillers, recorded the whole thing on his helmet-mounted GoPro camera and posted the video to YouTube, which went viral and caused the officer to resign before he was fired.

Spillers says he knows that street racing is illegal but that the officer was just trying to have a good time, and that the illegal race shouldn't have cost him his job.

Watch the video below, and then chime in with your opinion on the situation in Comments.

UPDATE: The offending motorcycle officer, identified as Carlos Rogers, will get his job back, WSFA reports, after Police Chief Kevin Murphy had a change of heart and said Rogers deserved a second chance.

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