Just in time for the holiday travel rush, FlightCar is expanding to the Los Angeles airport. The why-don't-you-rent-out-your-car-while-you're-away carsharing service started in San Francisco and is also available in Boston. Now the money-making scheme will be on offer at the world's sixth-busiest airport, which could mean lots of potential customers. Especially since you can now get information through the new FlightCar smartphone app, which launched yesterday.

The general idea behind FlightCar is to make use of the cars that usually just sit still while people are away. Backed up by insurance and what the company calls "(car)ma," if you leave your car with FlightCar, you get free airport parking and maybe even earn some money. FlightCar makes its profit by renting your vehicle out and renters apparently pay less than they would at a regular rental agency (FlightCar says between 50 and 70 percent less). It's one of those win-win-win things. If you drop your car off at one FlightCar location and pick up a FlightCar in another, you get yet another win. FlightCar says the average earnings on a 5-day rental are $30, but even if your car doesn't get used while you're away, you still get the free parking bonus.

FlightCar says is has "conservatively completed" more than 3,500 listings and 3,700 rentals in San Francisco and Boston, so the numbers are ramping up. The busiest days see 100 transactions. Now, if they can do something about the lines at security, we'd really be excited.
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Airport Car Sharing Leader Expands US Network to Los Angeles
Plus Brand New Web App Launches Nationwide

[Los Angeles/Boston/San Francisco] November 13 -- Exactly 14 days before one of the busiest travel days of the year, Flightcar expands its bicoastal network to serve over the 64 million annual travelers who fly through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Thanksgiving travelers will also get to try a brand new web app, which help exchange time-sensitive information with customers by text more quickly and easily.

Backed by the founders of Airbnb, Reddit and Ryan Seacrest, FlightCar's new third location opens today just minutes from the nation's second largest airport. With high-volume cross traffic between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston, FlightCar's founders see the potential to double its total business volume and set higher standards for the off-flight travel experience.

Car owners will save with guaranteed free parking and complimentary luxury town car service between the terminal and FlightCar's lot. Incoming travelers will save an average of 50%-70% off conventional car rentals and an additional 20% off competing car sharing rates. Overall, travel time is cut by 30 minutes one way. Starting today, customers listing in one location will also receive an additional 20% discount to rent a car share in another city.

"FlightCar incorporates a level of automation and technology that the conventional $11 billion car rental industry has been slow for decades to develop," says cofounder and CEO Rujul Zaparde. " Our innovations are making car rental affordable and fair again."

Streamlined operational enhancements have been the focus over the past few months at FlightCar, based on customer feedback and a need to scale while keeping operational efficiency. "We want to continually set the bar in car rental and car sharing, offering thoughtful touches while using an uber efficient back-end to keep costs low," added cofounder and President Kevin Petrovic.

As of early November, FlightCar reports that, by conservative estimates, it had completed over 3,500 total listings and 3,700 totals, with over 100 transactions per day at peak. The Los Angeles location will be the startup's largest location, with capacity to hold over 110 parked cars and a converted warehouse building for restroom facilities, staff use and storage. As in San Francisco and Boston, the complimentary town car service will continue to be provided by local independent ground transportation companies, now managed by an enhanced automation platform integrated with FlightCar's new mobile web app.

Car owners listing with FlightCar pay nothing and earn a modest cut of the car earnings, based on mileage. Renters will find car rentals start as low as $15 per day and a luxury SUV runs about $65. Starting in Los Angeles, customers will also enjoy free Runa organic cold teas and energy drinks and can borrow trendy over-the-ear headphones provided by Los Angeles-based LSTN. Travelers can make reservations and get more details on the website at FlightCar.com.

For Los Angeles residents: https://flightcar.com/parking/lax
Main page for listers and renters across LA, San Francisco and Boston: http://flightcar.com


FlightCar is the first company to focus on solving the problem of congestion at airports and the frustration of parking via incredibly affordable, full-service car sharing near the airport. Inspired by Airbnb and looking to revolutionize the airport car rental and parking industries, three Ivy League college teenage dropouts, Rujul Zaparde, Kevin Petrovic and Shri Ganeshram, created FlightCar in late summer of 2012. It launched in San Francisco in February 2013, and expanded to Boston Memorial Day 2013. A third location in Los Angeles launches just ahead of the beginning of the 2013 holiday travel season. Expansion to other major cities is planned for 2014.

FlightCar's Web App Launch

FlightCar's brand new web app launches nationwide out of beta starting Wednesday November 13 to make the airport pickup process quicker and easier. Underlying the web app is a new automation platform, which helps FlightCar and customers more easily exchange frequently needed information.

When you arrive at the airport, FlightCar will send a text message with a link that connects to its brand new web app.

GPS will automatically notify FlightCar of the incoming traveler's location and that they've landed, but if it doesn't, the Customer will see a screen to send that information to the driver.

Within a few taps, Customers sends information e.g. how many people in their party, when they are ready for pickup and can easily see where their driver is within a Map View. They can also call the driver or FlightCar easily at any time.

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