We understand traffic getting you down, but this is taking things to extremes. An Australian man went on an utter rampage during rush hour outside of Perth, on the country's west coast, with his ten-minute conniption backing up traffic for nearly an hour on the Kwinana Freeway.

The incident kicked off after the 34-year-old crashed his Mazda pickup into a Volkswagen that was parked in the emergency lane. It's not clear what prompted the wreck or the following fit, but the man then began running head-long into cars, head-butting windows, jumping from vehicle to vehicle and generally acting completely unhinged.

According to Nine News, several motorists attempted to restrain the man, and medical personnel were forced to sedate him before he'd calm down. He's been transported to a local hospital for observation. Gawker reports that Australian police believe the man has a history of mental health problems, although it's unclear whether drugs or alcohol exacerbated or caused this incident.

Scroll down for a news report from Nine News, as well as dash cam footage of the incident (skip to about 35 seconds into the second video to get a first-person view of the rampage.

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