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Honda works updated Micro Commuter, FCX Clarity into 'Smart Mobility' exhibit

Honda plans to show how its super-small electric vehicle prototype fits into the bigger picture. The Japanese automaker is collaborating with electronics giant Toshiba and home-builder Sekisui House in their Smart Mobility City joint exhibit at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show starting later this month. Themed "Being Smarter! Being Freer!", the companies will show off their truly utopian vision of neighborhoods with a "stable supply of renewable energy through the utilization of batteries and management of EV recharging."

As far as the rubber hitting the road, Honda will include one of its FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles as well as its updated electric Micro Commuter: the MC-β. Both the revised mini car and an autonomous version of the original will be part of a test-drive/demonstration event.

The Micro Commuter was first introduced to us last year and features a 1+1 tandem setup like the Renault Twizy – though with it's swappable rear seat, it can instead accommodate two children behind the driver. It's said to include a 15-kilowatt motor powered by a lithium-ion battery that can provide a 60-km (37-mile) single-charge range and a top speed of 80 km/h (50 miles per hour). The car's about 98 inches long, or about eight inches shorter than a Smart ForTwo. As of this summer, Honda was reportedly about to begin testing prototypes. The company unveiled a previous version of the MC at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. For more details on the joint exhibition, check out Honda's press release below.
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Sekisui House, Toshiba and Honda Announce Overview of Joint Exhibition for the SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013

TOKYO, Japan, November 7, 2013 - Sekisui House, Ltd., Toshiba Corporation and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have announced that the three companies will jointly exhibit at the SMART MOBILITY CITY 2013, an organizer-themed project to be held from November 22 through December 1, 2013 within the venue of the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show (organizer: the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.)

Under the joint exhibition theme of "Being Smarter! Being Freer!" the companies will propose a future lifestyle where deeper links among houses, electric appliances and automobiles make people's lives more secure, more convenient and more fun. A smart house that fully utilizes IT and personal mobility will be presented along with the vision of smart community where smart house is seamlessly combined with mobility, energy and information. Hydrogen based clean energy future will be illustrated in the smart community vision.

Sekisui House will exhibit "Slow Living," a display space that pursues the comfort of people, and "Mobility Life," fun living while being connected with mobility products. Furthermore, Sekisui House presents how homebuilders can serve as a hub and incorporate the latest technologies of Toshiba and Honda in people's lives within the houses they build. Moreover, Sekisui House will announce its future home concept that expands the current functions of home management and provides residents with enhanced peace of mind and comfort in various forms including health monitoring, health-care, nursing-care and a monitoring service. Together with an announcement of a new service that utilizes the latest sensing technologies, Sekisui House will propose a "SLOW & SMART" lifestyle for the future.

Toshiba will propose a new lifestyle where people enjoy convenient and comfort-focused services which become possible through connecting them via cloud computing. Toshiba will exhibit a diorama of a smart community, which describes the links between homes and mobility products within a community, which enable a stable supply of renewable energy through the utilization of batteries and management of EV recharging. Moreover, the Toshiba exhibit will also include "smart" home appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, LED lighting apparatus and air-conditioning unit), REGZA 84V-type 4K-compatible LCD TV that inspires viewers with its high-quality images, the latest models of the "dynabook" notebook computer as well as the advanced REGZA Tablet.

Honda will exhibit the MC-β, a micro-sized short distance EV commuter which will be used in field tests jointly with Kumamoto Prefecture, Saitama City and Miyakojima City in Japan. Other items on display include the UNI-CUB and the Walking Assist Device with Bodyweight Support System, which help people realize free mobility in an indoor environment, and the FCX Clarity, Honda's fuel cell electric vehicle that creates the ultimate in clean performance as well as new value by supplying external electric power from the car to the home.

Sekisui House supports the safety and comfort of people's lives by employing advanced household-related technologies from the construction stage. Toshiba pursues the realization of a smart community through the stable supply of energy and creation of efficient living space for people. Honda continues providing people with the joy of mobility with its next-generation mobility products. Together, these three companies will collaborate beyond the boundaries of industries and propose a more secure, more comfortable and smarter lifestyle of the future with hydrogen based clean energy.

The companies are planning to hold a joint press conference at the booth at 10:15 a.m. on November 21, 2013.

[Sekisui House]
SLOW&SMART – realizing SLOW life with the latest SMART technologies
Smart Healthcare Support that utilizes wearable sensors
Slow Living – comfortable space designed based on scientific analysis of human physiology and behavior
Mobility Life – fun living while being connected with mobility products
Airkis - providing environmentally-responsible and human-friendly air
Hybrid SHEQAS that makes large home windows possible while maintaining the ability to mitigate seismic motion by 50%
FEMINITY-compatible smart home appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioning unit and LED lighting apparatus)
REGZA 84V-type 4K-competible LCD TV
dynabook notebook computers
REGZA Tablet
MC-β, micro-sized EV
UNI-CUB, personal mobility device
Walking Assist Device with Bodyweight Support System
FCX Clarity, fuel cell electric vehicle
The following items will also be exhibited at the test-driving/demonstration event organized by JAMA
MC-β, micro-sized EV (test driving)
Micro Commuter Prototype, micro-sized EV (demonstration of autonomous driving)
UNI-CUB, personal mobility device (test driving)
"KURUMA NETWORKING: Vehicles connecting with people's lives and society."
Tokyo Big Sight (West 4 Hall and rooftop exhibition site / conference tower)
November 22 through December 1, 2013
Press days: November 20 and 21
The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
Official Homepage URL:

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