If you embark on a spontaneous road trip without enough money for overnight lodging and consider sleeping in your car on the side of the road, you might be woken up by the police before the break of dawn and told to move along. What should you do with no place to sleep in sight? Well, if there's a Walmart parking lot close by, you could consider yourself saved.

There are 4,000+ Walmart stores in the US, and the company has a policy that allows car-dwelling people to sleep overnight in its parking lots. Some Walmarts, such as one in Flagstaff, AZ, allow people to camp out in the parking lot for whole seasons, and it's all in the name of increasing sales.

Over time, a subculture of nomadic people and families living their lives on the road has formed in the department stores' parking lots everywhere, so check out an article and some photos at Wired to get a closer look at who these nomads are.

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