Planning a trip to the Nürburgring any time soon? This video might make you, at the very least, reconsider taking a super-expensive car (or bike) to the legendary German track. Yes, this is an eight-minute video of just crashes. It's actually kind of hypnotizing to watch.

Now, it's important to note that there were no serious injuries in any of these wrecks, even in the one shown above, which is far and away the worst bike wreck in the video. It should also be known that these crashes are just from this past year and are almost exclusively at one corner (Brünnchen). We imagine there are many, many more than what's shown.

Those facts should be a good lesson about just how dangerous the Nürburgring can be. Most of the wrecks are a case of carrying too much speed into the turn and understeering into a gravel trap and Armco. A few are more severe. Let this be a lesson, though – just because you can lap the Ring in 7:30 on Forza or Gran Turismo, doesn't mean you'll be able to in real life. Be safe out there. Scroll down for the full video.

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